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Real-time integration with Ink mobile DCS

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Simplified Check-in with INK Touch

This month, we completed our bilateral integration with INK Touch, the mobile DCS solution for mobile passenger handling.

Say goodbye to Passenger Name List

Together with the motivated project team of INK, we completed the real-time bilateral connection between AirBrokerONE, our airline retailing solution, and INK Touch, the smart mobile DCS solution, for our customer, the Norwegian start-up airline Flyr.

Passenger data, including special service items, are exchanged in real-time. Seat changes work online in both directions. Once the boarding pass was printed with the mobile device, the Order Management System gets the status update and distributes the information to other systems, such as Revenue Management, using IATA ONE Order messages.

About pribas airline solutions

pribas airline solutions GmbH has been established in 2018 as a subsidiary of the pribas GmbH holding. The start-up company is a creative and dynamic business unit, exclusively focusing on using the principles of IATA’s NDC and ONE Order to develop and launch a modern, robust and lean airline retailing & inventory platform.

​30 years of experience in the airline and travel technology sector and a keen eye for the ever-changing requirements help to identify the needs of the market and then translate them into sophisticated solutions that support a smooth and fast transition into a future-oriented, customer-centric and ultimately simplified new world of airline retailing.

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