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IATA has once again given pribas airline solutions the opportunity to hold two presentations during the first virtual NDC developer forum from 26th to 27th of May. The first jointly with Condor German Airlines on the topic Vouchers and the second showcasing cross channel order access and security. Both presentations were followed with high interest by the more than 200 delegates and once again confirmed the great technical expertise and leadership of pribas in terms of NDC and One Order.

The slides of the presentations can be found on IATA Airtech Zone:

Condor/pribas — Airline Vouchers, an Order-based Approach

pribas — Cross Channel Order Access & Security


Updated: Sep 7

To support our clients in their sales efforts in times after the COVID-19 crisis has been overcome, we´ve recently delivered the latest NDC & ONE Order update for our AirBroker NDC solution.

Besides the upgraded Level 4 featured NDC schema 19.2, the update also covers full support for ONE Order service delivery and accounting. Some of the related improvements are:

  • Replacement of the classic PNL by One Order message, including pre-booked ancillaries, e.g. from Tour Operators

  • Reception of ONE Order messages from an ORA (Offer Responsible Airline) for the purpose of interlining, including pre-booked ancillaries

  • Transmission of ONE Order messages to a POA (Participating Offer Airline) for the purpose of interlining or to non-air transportation partners, e.g. high speed train

  • Transmission and reception of Order Change Notifications

  • Transmission and reception of accounting messages

The stable and reliable NDC version 17.2 - which is currently used by more than 40 connected distribution partners on the AirBroker platform - will still be supported in parallel for at least two more years.


Updated: 6 days ago

We are pleased to inform that our customer Condor German Airlines has received the IATA NDC@Scale certification. This makes Condor the tenth airline worldwide and the first leisure carrier to receive this certification (registered fvw users see also:

Condor's NDC implementation is based on the AirBroker NDC platform from pribas airline solutions. If you are interested in market´s possibly best, most reliable and fastest NDC solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can make IATAs 20:20 vision a living concept.



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