AirBroker is an inventory agnostic airline retailing & integration platform, which can be either connected to one or multiple classical PSS', or run as a standalone reservation system using the integrated inventory.

It is fully based on the IATA ONE Order standard with separate Offer and Order management.​

The AirBroker suite has been launched 2014 and has been designed to enrich classical PSS with extensive and cost saving distribution options revealing various opportunities for revenue increase at the same time.

The solution includes but is not limited to NDC - which is supported since 2014

and meanwhile certified for the currently highest available NDC Level 4.

AirBroker ONE is able to process >100 million multi inventory fare search requests per day with industry leading performance, highest price accuracy and a system availability of up to 99.9%. The response time for fare search requests is ~100ms. 

Furthermore, the scalable cloud infrastructure allows to manage excessive look2book rates without any additional cost which represents a clear advantage over competitors. 

The proven AirBroker platform is multi inventory capable.




AirBroker acts either as a central or as an additional distribution platform and connects agencies, tour operators, portals, OTAs, TMCs and interlining partners to clients inventories.

It orchestrates direct distribution channels and connects them to a central managed Offer & Order Management, which controls delivery of airline and 3rd party products in an easy way. 

Offer Management includes standalone features plus interfaces to the classical environment of an airlines such as ATPCO or inventory based pricing & availability.

Order management manages the booking components, including multiple bookings from several Air and non-Air inventories. 



NDC is supported by pribas airline solutions since 2014 and is currently certified in the highest Level 4 by IATA. The plug&play capable solution is independent of the airline's inventory and can be used e.g. as a supplement to Amadeus Altéa, New Skies, IBS and others. AirBroker NDC extends both the possibility of direct sales and the integration of tour operators into the seamless distribution channel management of airlines. The currently offered functionalities of AirBroker One NDC even exceed the requirements of the Level 4 certification. pribas airline solutions always supports at least two of the most current schemes, which are predominantely used in the industry.


AirBroker NDC is designed as a scalable solution and has already proven its capability of handling more than 100M transactions per day at an average multi flight and fare search response time of under 100ms


With the usage of NDC, clients were able to generate additional revenue through sales of ancillaries for up to 60% of the sold flights via NDC channel in 2019


Easy and unparalleled fast partner integration that takes between 1-3 weeks in average


Increased direct sales, reduced load from PSS and pricing engines and minimum support efforts ensure a quick return of invest and long term cost reduction



The AirCenter7 Agent UI is designed as an easy-to-use booking engine for all types of B2B users, including external agencies or tour operators but is also used as an internal booking management tool at airports and in airline call centers.

The user training requirements are minimal as all pribas software solutions are designed as transparent and self-explanatory as possible.

Although the range of functionalities and booking features is comprehensive, e.g. access to public and corporate fares, ancillary services, ticketing, queue, etc., the time needed to create or modify a booking is considerably short, compared to other booking engines available in the market. This can lead to a significant call center cost reduction  as average call handling times will drop. 



Widely self-explanatory with minimum training effort.


Helps to reduce average call handling times in call centers.


Completely cloud hosted, no local software installation required.


AirBroker CHARTER is an allotment management tool for charter and hybrid carriers and has been designed to process charter contracts and allotments. 

It offers a highly automated bi-directional communication exchange between airlines and tour operators.

In addition, Tour Operators have the option to book negotiated fares and ancillaries via NDC or book ancillaries only for allotment based bookings. 

AirBroker offers the option to notify partners about involuntary changes using standard IATA ONE Order messages.



AirBroker is fully based on the IATA ONE Order standards with Offer and Order Management.

The AirBroker Offer Management can run completely standalone, or as an extension to an existing airline system environment with interfaces to the classical systems such as ATPCO, Revenue Management and a close integration with the inventories based pricing & availability.

The AirBroker Order Management handles the order components, including management of multiple bookings from several Air and non-Air inventories and non homogeneous PNRs. 

The AirBroker MultiSync synchronizes all order components between Order Management and supplier inventories in both directions, taking care of voluntary and involuntary changes.

Customers can be informed any time about status and changes to orders using IATA ONE Order notifications.



The AirBroker Pricing Engine is a flexible pricing module to create or modify prices based on customer defined rule sets, including taxes/fees.


The solution is fully integrated with all other AirBroker modules and can be seamlessly connected to external pricing systems.​

Net / Gross price calculation

Web fares

Promotional and corporate fares


Ancillaries and bundles

Virtual fares and fare families



The AirBroker Journey Engine is able to create complex multi segment sales journeys, including corresponding sales prices and availabilities based on customer defined rules:​

Journey creation supports multi source / multi inventory features and does not necessarily require interlining agreements between participating airlines.

Non-flight transportation can be included if desired, e.g. rail or bus feeders.

The Journey Engine is fully integrated with the AirBroker pricing, taxes and cache modules and it supports all connected distribution channels. 




Any combination of the above



The AirBroker Cache is a key service within the pribas architecture, optimizing the processing speed of all fare and availability driven services, including AirBroker NDC.

The solutions  is capable of  handling loads of over 10,000 priced availabilities per second and is proven with >100 mio. transactions per day at an average response time of 100ms per transaction. This is achieved by the dynamic and rule based combination of pre-calculated and real time generated offer bits.​ 

Various parallel update mechanisms ensure a top availability and pricing accuracy.

Besides flight data, the cache includes ancillary service and third party product information. 

The cache offer data can be exported for pre-production purposes to connected partners in numerous industry standard formats, e.g. EDF, OTDS or CSV.

Implementing the AirBroker Cache for NDC or other distribution channels that require a  high number of fare availability requests lowers the risk of unexpected cost - related to a poor look2book ratio - to a minimum.




In addition to the extensive flight related sales features, a multitude of non-flight 3rd party services can be integrated into the sales flow, e.g.:


Car rental

Airport services

Transfers, Rail

Destination services - sports, events, tours



AirBroker can deliver a variety of rich content for all offers and offer component.  

Multi language product descriptions


Machine readable content

Rich content is supplied to all connected distribution channels, including NDC, B2C website, agencies and call centers.

Content can be maintained in AirBroker's database or synchronized from existing content management systems automatically.


As an inexpensive alternative to classical PSS' an integrated inventory is available, suitable escpecially for small airlines and startups.

The inventory is lightweight, and covers only features not covered by the Offer & Order management, e.g.:



Seatmaps, SSRs, Quotas

Business Rules

The inventory solution is seamlessly integrated into the AirBroker suite and supports its full feature set.



All pribas solutions are fully PCI DSS compliant, and re-certified every year.

Furthermore the AirBroker dProxy and CardSafe solutions can be used to keep critical credit card data outside from client's non-certified environments.



AirBroker Order MultiSync keeps bookings between two or more inventories always in sync.

AirBroker Order MultiSync synchronizes PNRs/bookings, including the processing of voluntary and involuntary changes either in one or both booking directions. It handles all types of amendments, cancellations, booking of ancillaries, 3rd party services and is also able to sync non-homogeneous PNRs. 


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