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AirBroker ONE Order solution with standalone inventory is now live at flycar

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We´re happy to announce that since November 2019 the AirBroker ONE product of pribas airline solutions is live at flycar. On the account that flycar does not operate an own inventory, the implementation includes on top of AirBroker´s standard distribution components with Offer & Order Management also the newly developed and introduced inventory management solution:

  • Offer management with internal pricing engine, journey engine, flight cache with volatile and persistent offers

  • Order management for flights, ancillaries and non-air 3rd party content

  • IATA Level 4 certified NDC solution

  • Charter & Groups management with allotment handling and online B2B agency access

  • Internal inventory for schedule, capacity management of flights and ancillaries

  • One Order based messaging to deliver order components to POA's (Participating Offer Airlines), 3rd party suppliers and accounting

The solution complies fully to the IATA One Order principles.

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