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pribas in a nutshell


Cool, you found us. That already proves that you're smarter than the rest. Then let's talk about your new job right away.


Just to summarize once again:

  • You're a project manager through and through and you're enthusiastic about the latest industry standards NDC and ONE Order.

  • You have a relevant education or studies and are passionate about what you do because you want to change things for the better.

  • It is important to you to maintain a flexible balance between home and office work, even beyond Covid times, and you love the security of a medium-sized company more than feeling lost in a large corporation.

  • Your heart beats for the underdog rather than for the born winner.

  • You are fascinated by the airline industry on an international basis and you are not afraid of working together with people from other cultural backgrounds across time zones to create success – and of course you speak english very well besides your native language.

  • You have a strong service mindset and delivering solutions on time is more important to you than discussing supposed problems in endless circles.

  • You can best work your magic in flat hierarchies and goofing around is just as important to you as working seriously and focused on joint projects.

  • Despite all modesty, it is important to you to take home an industry-standard salary at the end of the month, after all, your performance is worth it.


Oops, that was rude. We haven't even introduced ourselves yet.


Our company was established 30 years ago, with the aim to develop IT solutions for airlines and touristic travel companies.

With growth of the company, pribas airline solutions was formed in 2018, to serve the industry with cutting edge IT software solutions, showcasing its upbeat & progressive start-up mentality combined with a solid industry expertise.

The team is focusing on the proven benefits of airline retailing based on the NDC & ONE Order standards and can, after being one of the early adopters, justifiably claim to be one of the world´s forerunners in this field.


So, now it's up to you to give it a try. Let's schedule a time to get to know each other, remotely or in person, and who knows, maybe we'll land the perfect match.


pribas airline solutions' headquarter is located in Germany, Bad Camberg

approx. 30mins from Frankfurt airport.

The Antalya office - pribas Turkey Ltd. - is located in Akdeniz University, Antalya Teknokent. 

If you would like to work in an agile team with extraordinary work ethics in a good atmosphere, then please contact us so that we can arrange an interview with you as soon as possible.

For open positions in Frankfurt please send your profile to:


For open positions in Antalya please send your profile to:

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