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 Startup Airlines

In our recently completed project with Flyr, the innovative and digital newcomer from the north, we were able to impressively confirm that an airline today can start business operations without any ballast from outdated industry solutions.

Traditional PSS were built and designed for complex airlines. Why should these then also be suitable for start-up airlines that prefer to invest in the product rather than in expensive it systems?

While our competitors are still writing their concepts and painting their glossy brochures, our solution for start-up airlines is already finished and live.


Make us your trusted partner to reach the spotlight fast

Key features of our start-up solution:

AirBroker ONE Offer- and Order Management with integrated reservations and inventory.

Distribution fully based on NDC, both internal and external, for B2C and B2B

Just in time creation of new and flexible products

Just in time production of new and flexible products

Outstanding options for personalization, virtual fares, upsell & merchandizing

Simplicity first - for both, the customer and the airline

No tickets, no RBDs, no complicated fare filing

Fully integrated with systems such as INK, SAP ...

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