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Replace PSS

It's time to go full throttle.

Would you tell us your reason why you still rely on running a last century reservation system?

Is it because it is so cost-effective?

Or is it because it perfectly supports you in launching new products at no time?

Or is it even due to the fact that your employees prefer to take care of the input and maintenance of master data rather than the selling itself?

Or have you been looking for a replacement for a long time, but have not yet found the perfect solution?


That you have landed on our site at least shows us that you are searching and maybe are even willing to make a change. Congratulations, should it be the latter, you have landed at the right place.

We can help you!​


Unbelievable, right?     

AirBroker ONE Offer- and Order Management with integrated reservations and inventory

Distribution fully based on NDC, both internal and external, for B2C and B2B

Just in time production of new and flexible products

Easy integration of third-party products, such as accommodation, intermodal, insurance

Outstanding options for personalization, virtual fares, upsell & merchandizing

Continuous pricing, thanks to real-time integration with a state-of-the-art revenue management system 

Real-time integration with accounting (e.g. SAP)

Bidirectional real-time integration with DCS (we recommend e.g. Ink Aviation)

Simplicity first - for both, the customer and the airline

And for the traditionalists - in the event that you want to continue selling through the GDS channel, we also offer interfaces to various providers for this purpose.

Email to sales (at)

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