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Flyr choses AirBrokerONE as OMS & Inventory solution

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We are delighted that the Norwegian startup airline flyr has chosen our AirBroker ONE platform as their central Distribution, Reservation and Inventory solution.

Flyr is a brand new airline founded by long-time aviation professional Erik Braathens. They will commence operations in the first half of 2021 begining with domestic Norwegian and selected intra-European routes.

Flyr´s goal is to deliver a simple way of providing flights in the most sustainable way possible. They will achieve that by creating a pure digital, product based and customer centric approach.

Flyr will be built from scratch without the constraints of any legacy systems or cumbersome organizations which fills us with even more pride of being one of the companies that is trusted to bring this vision to life.

Our AirBroker ONE platform, which is purely based on Iata´s ONE Order concepts, will contribute to Flyr´s setup with Offer & Order management, complemented by an internal capacity management and inventory solution.

Our distribution capabilities are fully NDC based. Aggregators, TMCs and other distribution

partners will be connected via Iata´s NDC 17.2 or 19.2 schema versions. The provided and proven AirBroker NDC interface is already being used successfully by a large number of affiliated partners in the market today. It allows an easy and time efficient integration of new distribution partners.

Not only the backend is based on NDC fundamentals but also the user interface (UI) and

all other integrated booking tools. Real time data feeds, implemented according to Iata ONE Order messaging specifications, provide up-to-date sales data to accounting, revenue management and departure control systems to support a finely tuned management of sales & revenues.

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