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AirBrokerONE receives IATA ONE Order 20.2 certification

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

pribas airline solution GmbH is the first company to achieve the ONE Order certification based on the latest IATA standard 20.2 for the current version of their AirBroker ONE airline retailing & inventory solution.

The 20.2 schemas have been recently implemented as part of a customer project to provide even more detailed real-time data feeds to accounting, revenue management and departure control system. This represented a massive increase in granularity compared to the previous versions of the schemas.

The existing ONE Order 19.2 implementation will, however, be maintained in parallel in order to continue to support existing partners who have chosen this version for their setup.

AirBroker complements existing classic inventories and also facilitates the transition to a world of NDC and true ONE Order, based on a proven platform.

In addition, AirBroker ONE now also offers an integrated inventory, which makes the AirBroker suite an attractive stand-alone retailing & inventory solution not only for smaller and startup airlines, but also larger airlines can use it to gradually replace their classic PSS.

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