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The show must go on – NDC & ONE Order 19.2 delivered

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

To support our clients in their sales efforts in times after the COVID-19 crisis has been overcome, we´ve recently delivered the latest NDC & ONE Order update for our AirBroker NDC solution.

Besides the upgraded Level 4 featured NDC schema 19.2, the update also covers full support for ONE Order service delivery and accounting. Some of the related improvements are:

  • Replacement of the classic PNL by One Order message, including pre-booked ancillaries, e.g. from Tour Operators

  • Reception of ONE Order messages from an ORA (Offer Responsible Airline) for the purpose of interlining, including pre-booked ancillaries

  • Transmission of ONE Order messages to a POA (Participating Offer Airline) for the purpose of interlining or to non-air transportation partners, e.g. high speed train

  • Transmission and reception of Order Change Notifications

  • Transmission and reception of accounting messages

The stable and reliable NDC version 17.2 - which is currently used by more than 40 connected distribution partners on the AirBroker platform - will still be supported in parallel for at least two more years.

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