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Celebrating 40th AirBroker NDC connection

We´ve just completed the 40th NDC connection for one of our airline partners with Malaga/Spain based aggregator TTSS and are more than proud that it took less than a week from initial request to connection go live.

This gives us great confidence that our AirBroker NDC product is contemporarily mature and that our time to market is unrivaled.

AirBroker NDC is the IATA NDC compliant distribution platform of pribas airline solutions. The AirBroker NDC platform is currently live with three airlines and connects their major distribution partners bilaterally to their inventory.

The solution consists of a high performance flight cache, which allows powerful searches on big data and the NDC Xplorer, an instant feedback based development tool that enables distribution partners to perform their implementation and testing tasks as quickly and conveniently as possible.

This is in essence, what dramatically reduces the possible time to market.

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