February 4, 2019

AirBroker NDC reached a new climax in bookings in January 2019 with 30000 booked segments and 20000 booked ancillarie...

February 2, 2018

 In January 2018 the AirBroker environment in the pribas data centers exceeded the transaction volume of 100M per day...

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AirBroker      Fare Cache


The brand new version of the AirBroker Fare Cache is a key service within the pribas architecture optimizing the processing speed of our products including AirBroker NDC and the customer IBE handing over 10,000 availability transactions per second and 100 mio. transactions per day.​ There is no need to use FlexPricer or Master Pricer. 

Utilizing various simultaneously running update mechanisms the AirBroker Fare Cache hits top price accuracy rates of nearly 100%. The Flight Cache combines feeds from e.g. ATPCO, Altéa etc. with various self-updating schedulers to optimize sales data.

Thanks to our fuzzy access mode the AirBroker Fare Cache is able to process searches with minimal search details, e.g. by airport groups, by origin- or destination-only searches or by date range. 

By standard the Fare Cache is multiple inventory capable. 

The fare and tax calculation model of the AirBroker Pricing Engine supports a variety of cross referencing fare families. 

The integrated journey builder creates pre-calculated multi-segment sales offers with full customer control. Journeys can be built using offers from different source inventories. 

In addition to the advantages described above the AirBroker Fare Cache stores ancillary service information and third party products creating an improved customer experiencing. 

The cache data may be exported to connected partners in various formats, e.g. EDF, OTDS or CSV for preproduction several times a day.   

Implementing the AirBroker  fare cache for NDC or other distribution channels with high no of requests reduces importance of look2book rates to a minimum.

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