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AirBroker is an inventory agnostic airline retailing & integration platform, which can be either connected to one or multiple classical PSS', or run as a standalone reservation system using the integrated inventory.

It is fully based on the IATA ONE Order standard with separate Offer and Order management.​

The AirBroker suite has been launched 2014 and has been designed to enrich classical PSS with extensive and cost saving distribution options revealing various opportunities for revenue increase at the same time.

The solution includes but is not limited to NDC - which is supported since 2014

and meanwhile certified for the currently highest available NDC Level 4.


AirBroker ONE is able to process >100 million multi inventory fare search requests per day with industry leading performance, highest price accuracy and a system availability of up to 99.9%. The response time for fare search requests is ~100ms. 

Furthermore, the scalable cloud infrastructure allows to manage excessive look2book rates without any additional cost which represents a clear advantage over competitors. 

The proven AirBroker platform is multi inventory capable.



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