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Developers Overview For The IATA Hackathon In FRA 2019


  • Certified „NDC Capable Level 4“, including, flight search & book, seat reservation, special services, payment and all type of amendments

  • Stable solution, live since several years  

  • Easy implementation. The NDC Xplorer developer tools will show you everything you need to know for implementation within a few minutes, with IBE-style guided flows for all typical use cases showing the corresponding XML requests and replies for different workflows - get an impression below, or directly send an email to to register for online access to the NDC Xplorer tools

  • For the IATA Hackathon we offer the identical 17.2 APIs of:

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  • German leisure airline with short/med/longhaul flights

  • Very interesting product with feeders / defeeders on both ends of longhaul flights within one single offer - from simple feeders up to multi stop feeders plus defeeders with a total of five segments per route (must not be used, but interesting) - sample flights

  • Offers/fares are oneway-based

  • Seat reservation

  • Special services

  • Rich content


  • Largest UK regional airline with shorthaul flights

  • Very interesting product with multi stop flights up to three segments - sample flights

  • Offers/fares are roundtrip based within one single offer

  • Seat reservation

  • Special services

Deutsche Bahn/Railways Germany

  • Deutsche Bahn / Railways Germany offers rail feeders to airports

  • Very interesting product for leisure travellers

  • Same NDC usability as an airline

  • Offers/fares are oneway-based

The AirBroker NDC Xplorer Developer Tools 

Guided flows for all typical use cases show you the XML requests and replies based on the data you enter by yourself:

A classical sandbox for all requests to play around is available too:

Sample Combination From Two Inventories - Air and non-Air

Especially in Europe using rail as a feeder to the major airports is very common for leisure travelers. 

Sample for use of two of our identical APIs - here: create a flight booking with Condor from Frankfurt to Mauritius, and use Deutsche Bahn / Railways Germany as feeder on departure and return date:

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