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If you want to become carbon-neutral, you don't have to demolish your house. It may be absolutely sufficient to install a wallbox in the garage for fueling your Tesla and solar panels on the roof for the fuel production.

Anker 1

Did you know that this analogy also applies to the evolution of a classical airline towards a retailing airline? Hotly discussed in the industry but so far only hesitantly implemented by some daredevils amongst the airlines.

Your PSS is required as long as you sell in the GDS and you do traditional interlining.

What you need for retailing is a wallbox (Offer Management) and solar panels (Order Management).

Make us your solar panel and wallbox!


Key features of our retailing solution:

AirBroker ONE Offer- and Order Management with optional, integrated reservations and inventory

Distribution fully based on NDC, both internal and external, for B2C and B2B

Just in time production of new and flexible products

Outstanding options for personalization, virtual fares, upsell & merchandizing

Simplicity first - for both, the customer and the airline

Ready to run for Amadeus Altéa, NewSkies and iFly, other PSS can be connected on short notice

Depending on the size and business model of your airline, we can help you to boost your sales even faster than other vendors require to write down and understand your needs.


Btw: We do not sell electric vehicles.



Then let‘s start talking.

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