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AirBroker      CHARTER & GROUPS Sales


The AirBroker CHARTER & GROUPS module was designed to simplify airline group sales and optimize all relevant sales processes at the same time.

The system is based on the IATA ONE Order architecture and proposes a unique charter & groups offer management tool gathering every feature needed for charter & group sales covering all distribution channels, and an order management to manage non homogeneous groups bookings consisting of several flight PNRs and optional non flight services: 

​The solution includes a B2C website and GDS integration as well as an extranet solution for agencies and tour operators. Amadeus TOMA which is the main GDS in the D-A-CH market can be integrated too. 

Predefined rules settings help lowering the request processing and respond time resulting in better hit rates and reduce manual processes.


To enhance flexibility and offer maximum customer comfort all channels can be integrated feeding in group booking details from various user groups e.g. bookings of ancillary services via the website for agency or tour operator bookings.  

AirBroker CHARTER & GROUPS allows you to monitor and record all charter/group bookings made and provide maximum transparency of past transactions including fulfilment and payment details. Having said that though, AirBroker can also be integrated with existing CRM solutions.

As an option several 3rd party services can be integrated into sales, e.g. rail, car rental, insurance or transfers.

AirBroker CHARTER & GROUPS is available for standalone use, for Altéa based inventories and integrations of further inventories are planned for the near future.

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