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pribas in a nutshell


pribas airline solutions GmbH has been established in 2018 as a subsidiary of the pribas GmbH holding.


At that time, the technical airline competence was bundled and spun off to form a separate, creative and dynamic business unit, exclusively focusing on using the principles of NDC and ONE Order to develop and launch a modern, robust and lean airline retailing platform.

30 years of experience in the airline / travel technology sector and a keen eye for the ever-changing requirements help to identify the needs of the market and then translate them into complex solutions that support a smooth and fast transition into a future-oriented, customer-centric and ultimately simplified new world of airline retailing.


The team of 40 long term employees based in Frankfurt and Antalya dedicates their current effort mainly in developing B2B solutions for airlines based on the IATA NDC & ONE Order standards, where the company is in a leading position worldwide.

Core product is the AirBrokerONE Suite, which is a modular OMS & inventory platform based on the IATA ONE Order principles – designed for use under demanding circumstances with big data volume, high load and availability.

AirBrokerONE can be used as a stand-alone airline OMS & inventory and thus be deployed independently without the need of a classical PSS. 


This does not mean, however, that AirBroker cannot also be connected to an existing PSS and act as a boosting retailing adapter in order to upgrade ancient legacy environments. 


We strive to support our clients in sustainably increasing sales volumes, optimizing sales revenues and at the same time lowering distribution costs.


We strongly believe in the concept of long-term partnerships with our customers rather than the benefit of short-term projects. Experience has shown that one can only pay tribute to a constantly changing market environment and technological progress through close and long-ranging cooperations.

Modular & Customizable


Every client receives an individual product setup tailored to his needs.

All setups are combined from standard microservices, which might be customized.



All pribas solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology, based on microservices and cloud architecture.

We exclusively use modern and proven technologies with an expected long lifespan to be able to provide long-range support.



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